Choco Oreo Delight

My first post has to be chocolaty. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like chocolate. I bet you love it too. I was a commerce student from K.P.B. Hinduja College which is at Charni road, and the thick Coco near my college was a sensation with everyone, especially during summers. We would go to College sometimes only to have that Coco. That was the tastiest and the cheapest Coco drink ever. We being a regular there, the guy there would always sprinkle some extra chocolate chips in our Coco!!


This Delight is a hit with everyone, particularly the kids. It is an inspiration from that Coco and though, in no way it matches that taste, but is still awesomee. I added some Oreo, because a little crunch is always welcome!!


For the delight

1/2 litre icy chilled milk

1 cup vanilla ice cream (chocolate ice cream tastes as good)

2 tbsp. chocolate syrup

2 tbsp. drinking chocolate

1 tbsp. powdered sugar

2 tsp. coffee powder

4 Oreo cookies (or as per the crunch you want)

For serving

Whipped cream

Chocolate Syrup

Chocolate chips

Crushed Oreo cookies



Blend all the ingredients for the delight (milk, vanilla ice cream, syrup, drinking chocolate, powdered sugar, coffee powder, Oreo cookies) in a blender until they unify properly. If the milk is not icy chilled you may use half cup of crushed ice.

Pour into chocolate syrup – drizzled serving glasses, topped with some whipped cream crushed cookies and chocolate chips. Serve super chilled.



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