Muskmelon Milkshake

Muskmelons or Cantaloupes (usually known as kharbuja) are a powerhouse of health, they are loaded with so many nutrients that they almost seem like the superhero of fruits. If you don’t believe me, check what Muskmelons can do here.

They are easily available in summers and have a high percentage of water content in them which makes them cooling and hydrating.

So as the summer approaches, know why you should eat more Muskmelons. It is the best cooler to beat the summer heat. Muskmelon is good for reducing body heat, controlling blood pressure as it is high in fibre and also an antioxidant. They taste amazing. This summer, replace that extra mango with a Muskmelon and see the healthy magic it creates.


The usual way of eating it is either raw or pressed as a juice.  During summer, my mom takes small pieces of Muskmelon in a bowl with some sugar and refrigerates it for 2 hours (she usually does this when the Muskmelon is not sweet at all) and after it is cooled, it tastes yum and cools down your system.

Since Muskmelon has high water content people usually make it with water, but this recipe with milk is a clear winner. However, if you want it to be lighter you may replace the milk with water and add half a teaspoon of lemon juice.

Muskmelons are great for health so do include them in your diet. And the most important thing, it also helps in reducing weight!! So go get some Kharbujas!! If you like shakes as much as I do, you should definitely see my recipe for Choco Oreo Delight as well!!

Let’s beat the heat with this Muskmelon Milkshake!!



2 small ripe Muskmelon

1 ½ cup chilled milk

1 tbsp. sugar

2-3 crushed ice

2 tsp. cardamom powder

Ice cubes, to serve (optional)



Remove the outer hard skin of the Musk Melon and Cut it into halves and de-seed it. Now, cut it into small pieces put it into the blender.

Add milk, sugar, cardamom powder and crushed ice into the blender. Blend it until the mixture becomes thick and pulpy. Taste it for sweetness (If required add more sugar – will depend on the sweetness of the fruit).

You may strain the juice or serve it as it is (it is better to serve it as it is – thick and pulpy). Pour into serving glasses with ice cubes and serve immediately.



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