Chocolate Cake Pops

There is something so captivating about a little piece of chocolate-covered cake at the top of a stick, that every time you see it, you want to just hold it in your hand and bite into it. And it has chocolate and cake, the two most amazing things that we all love.

Believe me, the kids are going to love it. And forget the kids, you will also crave for more. And serving them at dessert time, no need to cut, no mess, doesn’t take much time to make, and can even be prepared a day before. This is the best party dessert one can ever have (but make sure you make enough – it will be over even before you look at it the second time). The Dessert one can have on the go.

The most difficult part of making this is not losing the cake ball off the stick, and that might need a little practice (DO NOT swirl the ball in chocolate – check the recipe below). Don’t worry though, it gets better every time!

Just start with this recipe and see where it takes you! The possibilities of flavors and toppings are endless in these cake pops, just let your baking imagination wild. And that is why I am sharing a very basic recipe. (I might come up with different versions later). If cake pops are new to you, this cake pop recipe is the perfect place to start.

I try not to post a chocolate recipe every now then, but control hi ni hota! :D. My other chocolate recipes are:

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     IMG_20150517_162323[1]                     IMG_20150501_161308~2_wm                      IMG_20150419_210524_wm

Ingredients: (makes around 10 pops)

3 vanilla muffins (or any sponge cake will do)

2 tbsp. whipped cream

1 cup dark chocolate

Chocolate Chips (as many as you want in your pops <3)

1/8th cup white chocolate (optional)


In a big bowl, crumble the muffins thoroughly. It’s best to do this by hand as it gives a finer crumb, but you can also use your mixer. If you are using a sponge then you may want to remove the crusts of the cake with a sharp kitchen knife first to avoid any lumps.

Now add whipped cream to this mixture and use a fork to work the cream. Add the cream in small quantities (the mixture should just come together, shouldn’t be wet at all). Add the chocolate chips to the mixture. Refrigerate this for 10 minutes.

Chop the dark chocolate and microwave it in a small microwave-safe bowl (or a double boiler) until the chocolate melts (usually takes about 60 second). Stir it until smooth.

Press the end of a lollipop stick into the melted chocolate and then press that end into the centre of the cake ball. Do this with all the balls and refrigerate for a minute or two (this will harden the chocolate and the stick will be able to hold the ball properly).

Now dip the cake balls into the melted chocolate. Allow any excess chocolate to drip into the bowl (DO NOT swirl the cake pop in the coating, just dip and take it out). Repeat the same with all the balls. Place the balls in a tall glass (make sure the balls don’t touch the rim) or press the sticks into a thick piece of thermocol. Allow the cake pops to cool until ready to serve.

For decorating your cake pops with sprinkles, nuts or chocolate chips, press the pops before chocolate coating it thickens completely. Once chocolate is hardened, serve the cake pops (You may also store them in the fridge for up to three days)! Enjoy!


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