Java Plum (Jamun) Punch

The sweet, tangy flavor and distinct taste of this juice will tickle your palate. And the beautiful color makes it even more appealing. This is an ultimate refresher!

Well, I have been waiting to put some colorful recipe here, and caught hold of this fruit! You instantly fall in love with the color! For last summer recipe, this is a kick-ass one, seriously, you got to try it!

They are fleshy, juicy and just a thin stone at the end. If you eat it raw you might discover that it doesn’t taste as good, try it with a little salt over it and you’ll enjoy it! There are one thing you need to remember while using this fruit, you do not press the skin too much, as this might make the punch a little sour. And you want some extra kick in your punch; you may add a little red chili powder to it.

No one in my family is a fan on this fruit, except my mom, who loves it (or that’s probably because she has lots of school memories attached to this fruit), but this punch gave each one of them a serious kick. Let me know how it turns out! Oh, and checkout my other fruit recipes:

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Ingredients: (serves 2)

250 grams of Java Plum/ Jamun

2 cups water

1 ½ tbsp. castor sugar

Juice of 1 medium lemon

½ tsp. salt (or as per taste)

¼ tsp. black pepper powder

Mint sprigs for garnish


In a saucepan, boil the Jamuns with the sugar and water on medium-high heat until the pulp in completely softened. Let it cool.

After it cools down, de-seed the Jamuns, push through a broad sieve using a spoon or your hand until all the pulp and the juice falls and only the seeds and the skin are left on the sieve.

Now, use a blender to fine blend the pulp and juice and strain it through fine strainer (you may skip this straining if you like your juices pulpy). Add the remaining ingredients to this mixture and refrigerate for an hour or two. Pour the juice with some ice cubes and garnish with mint sprigs. Serve chilled.


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