Chocolate Sooji Halwa

As a kid, sooji halwa and aata halwa were two of the most instant and easy sweets that our moms used to make…. and we loved it, everytime. This variation to the common sooji halwa will be loved by all!!

The basic Sooji halwa is a sweet made from sooji (semolina), clarified butter (ghee), sugar and water. All the other ingredients are optional. And so, the people who have been reading my blog will be knowing that I have a habit of using chocolate in every possible recipe 😀 and I did the same with this one too.

Chocolate adds a really good colour and taste to the halwa and you will enjoy it all the more if you are chocoholic like me! I am sure the kids will love this variation of sooji halwa.

Almost everything that I cook has chocolate in it. The darker it is, the better. The bitter it is, the more I fancy it. This halwa is sinfully addictive! You should also try my other chocolate recipes.

This is the quickest way to have a royal indulgence! Indulge people, Indulge!!


1 cup milk

½ cup sooji/semolina

½ cup dark chocolate, chopped

1/4th cup milk chocolate, chopped

1 tbsp. ghee or butter

1 tbsp. almonds, chopped (optional)


Heat the ghee/butter in a pan. Roast almonds till golden brown and keep them aside. In the same pan, roast the sooji on low flame. Boil milk separately in another vessel.

Just when the sooji starts to roast and  turn light golden brown in color (it will take around 5 – 6 minutes) add the hot milk and stir continuously for a 2 – 3  minutes.

Add the chopped chocolate and stir in till it melts. Add the chopped almonds and mix well. Turn the heat off. Grease a plate and cut it into pieces and serve cold. You may also serve it hot.


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