About Mee

Hi! I am Meeta Agarwal! Welcome to my blog!

Food is my word!!!!!!!! And all the Taureans, (Look what I came across) this is soo true!


My love for cooking has grown over the years. It is like therapy; you really forget everything else when the kitchen smells good!! The best part is you Start raw, put some effort and create art that can be EATEN. I really go drooling over the food pictures available on the internet ❤ (sacchi).

Just being a Company Secretary did not give me that content feeling, something was always amiss. I get that feeling when I cook. My Dad was the first person to admire my cooking (actually, he would praise everything I made, be it burnt or raw :D). Growing up in a Marwari family, the first thing you learn is to cook the basics – dal chawal roti subzi. And trust me, to master rolling out a perfect round roti takes a lot of effort. My Mom has been the biggest inspiration; I still remember standing beside her in the kitchen and watching her while she cooked.

I still fight with my siblings to watch a food channel and trust me; I can watch it for hours without budging even a little. I have always loved to try out new recipes. Sometimes it turned out to be a disaster and sometimes exceptionally scrumptious that everyone at home battled to get the last bite.

I have always been fascinated by food – the flavours, the taste, the aromas, the kitchen, the techniques, the beauty. People like me (the bhukkads as well as the cooks) can discuss food recipes anywhere and everywhere (the best place is the Mumbai local train).

I will be experimenting new recipes and sharing them on this blog!!! So let’s not just be big bhukkads and cook a little too!!